Jim Sheeler’s legacy to journalism: Empathy, decency, and stories that last

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Jim Sheeler died unexpectedly in September 2021 at the age of 53. This story seeks to give him the type of obituary he wrote for so many others in his career as a Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter.

What narrative master Eli Saslow learned about intimacy interviewing by phone

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Saslow talks in a Q&A about his year-long series “Voices from the Pandemic”

Bringing Narrative Journalists into the Classroom with “Gangrey: The Podcast”

International Association of Literary Journalism Studies

How the podcast has changed me as a writer and a student

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Where writers write when they can’t write where they like to write

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The pandemic-related shutdown of habitual writing refuges and routines have left writers cobbling new options

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An amputee runs a grueling ultra-marathon in the desert; a reporting team chases along

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Veteran sports reporter Jeré Longman of The New York Times travels the globe to to write about the people and passion behind the games

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Insight from the other side of the notebook

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In the wake of unspeakable grief, parents from the 2012 Sandy Hook school shootings kept lists of journalists they would, and wouldn’t, talk to

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How Trump Is Making Journalism School Great Again

The Daily Beast
We—and when I say we, I mean the pros, the students, the professors—are here for a reason.

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In Newtown, 8th Graders Prepare for the Next Tragedy

The Daily Beast
One of the junior high school students practicing for what to do after the unthinkable had already lived through the unthinkable as a third grader.

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Can you say… Thanks, and we miss you?

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On Mister Rogers, Tom Junod and the art of reverence

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The Ghosts I Run With

SB Nation Longform
Surviving Childhood Cancer is a Race That Never Ends

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The Gyms of Holmes County

SB Nation Longform
In Rural Ohio, Girls’ Basketball is a Way of Life

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Crash Course for Johnny Football

SB Nation Longform
Learning How To Be the Browns Next Great QB

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Who Was Stella Walsh?

SB Nation Longform
The Story of the Intersex Olympian

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The Eye In the Sky

Sports On Earth

In his Broadcasting Hall of Fame career that spans five decades, cameraman David Finch has shot some of golf’s greatest moments

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Getting the Story

Creative Nonfiction Magazine
A roundtable discussion with Chris Jones, Ben Montgomery, and Thomas Lake

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Feet of Clay, Heart of Iron

SB Nation Longform
Horseshoe Champion Brian Simmons Might Be the Toughest Athlete in the World

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All For One

Cleveland Magazine

Meet Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson, the 2011 NBA Draft’s No. 1 and No. 4 picks and the promising young faces of a rebooted Cavaliers franchise.

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What 14 Great Writers Taught One Journalism Class

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True Notes

Cleveland Magazine
After leaving Nashville and a career as a professional songwriter, Chris Castle returns with a sound all his own

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Pure and True

Cleveland Magazine
The Womack Family Band’s honest and organic approach proves American roots music is alive and well

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Land of Hope and Dreams

The Post Game
Ashland Women’s Hoops Program Learns Faith Will Be Rewarded