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AU objects to lots of potential plaintiff evidence

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Please consider heading on over to this post on the Eye On Ashland site. They’re the same posts, but I’ve created this one because Ashland University is doing everything it can to keep the Eye On Ashland site blocked on Facebook. The trial between six former Ashland University tenured faculty members and the university itself is set to begin next week. Yesterday (April 8), a couple new documents were posted on the Ashland County Clerk […]

Deposition of AU President Carlos Campo

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Here is the deposition of Ashland University President Carlos Campo. Once again, this is tied to the lawsuit that six former tenured faculty members have filed against the university, claiming that their termination was a breach of contract (which essentially means they’re claiming their firings were done in violation of Faculty Rules and Regulations). There are a few things that stood out to me in this deposition. • The university is arguing that it terminated faculty […]