AU objects to lots of potential plaintiff evidence

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Please consider heading on over to this post on the Eye On Ashland site. They’re the same posts, but I’ve created this one because Ashland University is doing everything it can to keep the Eye On Ashland site blocked on Facebook.

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The trial between six former Ashland University tenured faculty members and the university itself is set to begin next week. Yesterday (April 8), a couple new documents were posted on the Ashland County Clerk of Court’s website, including AU’s motions in limine, which essentially asks the judge to prevent certain evidence from being presented by the other side during the trial.

The one I was most interested, not surprisingly, had something to do with me. I’ve not said anything about this publicly because I didn’t feel it was appropriate, but I’ve been slated to testify for the plaintiffs at the trial. Ashland University and its lawyers have objected to my potential testimony.

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Another one that I find incredibly interesting (aside from No. 4) is No. 6.

Screen Shot 2019-04-10 at 4.03.25 PM

The university clearly doesn’t want any coverage of the hiring and later arrest of Brandon Campo, President Carlos Campo’s son, anywhere near the trial, because it then opens up the potential to crack holes in the credibility of the president (i.e. his claim that he had nothing to do with the hiring of his son).

I’m waiting to see how the judge rules on whether or not I can testify. If the defense’s objection is sustained, then I will make a nice, large post detailing everything that I had planned on testifying about.

I will also include the evidence that I turned over to the plaintiff’s lawyer back in December, after the depositions of Campo and College of Arts and Sciences Dean Dawn Weber were released to the public.

Until then, stay tuned.

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